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Originally Posted by SRT4zoom View Post
Aww, look at all the BMW fanboys getting all butt-hurt because someone actually said something bad about the M3.

Can it be? The RS4 is actually a better car than the M3?

This should be a sticky:

Rule number 1: You shall not say ANYTHING remotely bad about the M3 in any shape or form, we here at M3post worship the car and cannot tolerate anything negative directed toward the M3.

We do NOT take criticism of any kind as we are unable to process the thought that our M3 is not perfect.

Seriously, you guys need to wake up and realize that the M3 is not sent from Heaven. The world does not revolve around the M3. I'm willing to bet everyone on here subscribes to Car and driver.
Like you would know ya tool, ya have one post (clearly signed up to flame the m3) and yes the m3 is from heaven and was engineered by jesus.

Go drive your srt-4 toolbag. Audi plays catch-up with BMW, bmw will always be a more respected car company among true drivers.

P.S. The new m3 is much much better then the rs4, the last m3 was barely slower despite its 100 hp differential with newer rs4 (which was clearly engineered to beat the m3) The new m3 which has similar power to the RS-4 destroys the audi.