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Originally Posted by pawarrant
I know you had nothing to do with it, but it seems if someone sneezes you are offended. Instead of just crying that someone's posts are offensive to you, come up with intelligent responses. It's crazy that those of us with conservative viewpoints are considered offensive, but your viewpoints are ok.
I firmly believe that every ones should be entitled to hold there own view - that's what democracy is about.

But I think that there have to be some limitations on this in a civilised society, so where someones views are damaging to others, there should be a mechanism of control. That's why in the UK we have laws prohibiting the incitement of racist and religeous hatred.

I think perhaps that you are hung up on the word 'offensive' (perhaps for other reasons because of a different connotation for that word in the US?).

The truth is that bigotry annoys the hell out of me - so if I see it - I will tackle it. The posts that have annoyed me in this way have generally contained negative stereotypes targeted to damage religious or ethnic groups. Personally I do not think such posts should be permitted on this forum and the administrators of the forum seem to agree (reference the sticky on racism).

Offensive may have been a poor choice of word in respect of your UN post. What I was annoyed about was the aggressive accusatory nature of the post, which was in response to a pretty innocuous statement on my part.

I am not going to defend myself against charges of personally benefiting from the oil for food programme, or for that matter the promotion of child abuse in africa, just because I happen to think the UN is a worthwhile (if flawed and ineffectual) endeavour - these things do not equate.

Your direction of these questions at me personally was unnecessary and impolite (downright rude in fact) - that is why I objected.

Regardless of your political views - it is a fact of life that you may offend individuals or a broader spectrum of society. If people are offended by your views, perhaps you should try to examine why that might be - instead of simply attacking the people that you have already offended?

Politically I would actually describe myself as moderate - neither left or right wing. That is because for me each of these philosophies has value in some areas, but is flawed in others.

I also find that the older I get the more complex my world view becomes. I see very little in clear terms of black and white these days and genuinely believe that the more educated and experienced you get, the more you realise that the good guys are not always in the right and that there are at least 2 sides to every story.

I am not a liberal in the sense that you understand the word and I am not 'easily offended'.

Interestingly - there was a BBC run poll broadcast last night on the war on terror.

Government 'losing war on terror'
Press Association
Monday September 11, 2006 10:03 PM

On the fifth anniversary of the devastating September 11 attacks, a majority of people believe the Government is losing the war against terrorism in the UK, according to a poll.

The Gfk NOP poll for the BBC's 10 O'Clock News found 53% believed the Government was losing the so-called war on terror at home and only 24% believed it was being won.

It also found that a substantial minority of people wanted to see negotiations start with al Qaida and a majority want British troops to leave Afghanistan.

Exactly half of those quizzed wanted to see British troops leave Iraq immediately and 52% want to see them withdraw from Afghanistan now.

Some 34% think they should stay in Iraq and 31% want to see troops remain in Afghanistan.

Nearly a third (32%) of those questioned wanted to see negotiations with al Qaida start, while a majority (52%) believe governments should not speak to them.

More than half (55%) believe the Government has aligned itself too closely with US foreign policy, compared with the 11% who think not closely enough and 19% who think the relationship is about right.

A majority (56%) also thought the West was losing the fight against international terrorism abroad and only 20% believed they were winning.

According to the poll, 40% of people feel less safe now since September 11 2001, 44% feel about the same and 11% feel safer.

For the record my response would have been that we are losing the 'war on terror', mainly because I have never believed it to be a true 'war' or something that could be won.

However, I do not think we should negotiate with al qaeda, because they don't want to negotiate and I do not think we should exit Afghanistan or Iraq, because we have a duty to fix up the mess we have made there first.

Finally I do think that Britain needs to put some distance between it's own and the USA's foreign policy, because I do not agree with the USA's unequivocal support for Israel.