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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
They are 18x9.5 et28 and 18x10.5 et30.
The rear wheel wells are huge inside, particularly to the inside, so a higher ET isn't a problem. A 10.5 width at ET30 should fit with no problem and the wider tire 285 or 295 should also fit ok.

The fronts are a different story. 18x9.5 ET 25's work really well up there, but the gap between the inside of the 9.5 rim and the strut is just under 1/2 inch at 11mm. With an ET28, you lose 3mm of the clearance and that might leave too little. In theory, it will work - I've run gaps of 7mm with no problem and this setup has 8mm, but it's going to depend on the width of the tire. If they're wider than spec, they might rub the strut.

Where did the TE37's come from? I want a set (if they're affordable...)