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Now that you told the whole forum to go fuck themselves you want our advice!?!?! You are young and rich... So just by out Mode Bargains... I mean you that RICH right!??!?! Or are you rich and cheep at the same time??? I mean can't you afford to buy another set?!?!?!!

You might be rich.. But you sure DUMB AS FUCK!!! Ever heard of TELEPHONES??? It's those things you can pick up, dial and talk to the person on the other end.... Yes.. Yes.. Or your daddy forgot to pay your phone bill?!

Hey ModeBaRGains... Send em some useless part you have laying around... like and old dirty ass oil filter or some shit ....

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"it seems that you guys hate the fact that i have money and i am young"

No...your arrogance is embarrassing for your family that have worked hard to give you everthing that your heart desires....

I hope **********s tells you to go pound salt...