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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
i am not starving myself at all, if i was i would never do it. Clean food really doesnt have much calories. In the last year ive learned every fitness trainer always say different things and have learned to do whatever works for ME.

I did this 6 months ago and lost 25 pounds, and gained it back because my stupid ass starting drinking eating so wrong!! and not doin one ounce of cardio.

Also its pretty funny you say LIPO doesnt work. Ive done it and 3 of my friends and it worked for all of us....
If you're eating 1500 calories at 230+ lbs., you're definitely starving yourself. Your body will rebel.

Lipo 6 and caffeine are going to cause massive amounts of internal stress. You want your BODY to burn fat NOT lipo 6. What's going to happen when you stop taking lipo 6? Why not try cocaine? That helps with weight loss too.

A lot of "fitness trainers" are full of shit. I know; I work with them. Fitness trainers are often times clueless about diet. They are "certified" to design fitness programs not diets.

You're strategy isn't good in my opinion. My guess is you will have yo-yo weight gain, and your previous experience will repeat itself (lose weight, gain it back).