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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
I'm also thinking about the 295s in back. Here's my logic:

Stock offset is et22 with 265mm on 9.5 inches

If you go to 295mm tires on 10.5 inch wheels with et30 your get,
-18mm for the tire (using Tirerack info), +4mm for the offset give a total of 14mm closer to the fender.
+18mm for the tire (using Tirerack info), +4mm for the offset brings you 22mm (3/4 inch) closer to the inner fender.

The Tirerack measured the 295s on 11 inch wheels which is conservative. So if the numbers above work, you should be ok.
Yes, the question is if there is 22mm+ clearance on the inside on the stock setup. I guess I should stick my head in there and measure. The outside should be fine I think. Also, I'm pretty sure the stock rear offset is 23mm.

R1s do not seem to be avaliable in 295s for the rears (Hossiers are), and the Hossiers are not available in 265s for the front (R1s are). That seems strange...