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LOSING weight!!...any pros? please read

6 feet tall

current weight 234 pounds and losing fast...(never guess it)

Weight as of jan 1st-246 pounds

Current diet: 1500-1600 calories intake
cardio: 500 calories DAILY
Pills: 4 pills of lipo 6x daily 2 in morning and 2 30 mins before last meal.

My goal is 190-200 pounds by April 1st

Then from April 1st-june 1st the lifting and toning and getting cut begins. I know i can do it.

In highschool i was 185 pounds full athletic body, playing on the ball team. its time i look like that again..

This summer got a lot of trips and plans so gotto look good!


Current diet intake:
lean cereal cup and half- 180 calories
8 oz 1% milk-100 calories
orange/fruit-100 calories
20 oz water

10am break:
special k bar-90 calories
st8 coffe 5 oz- 0 calories

12am lunch:
2 chicekn peta sandwichs with saltfree turket- 300 calories
salad w fat free dressing-75 calories
fruit-100 calories
20 oz water-0 calories

3am break:
granola bar OR veggies:100 calories
st8 coffee 5 oz- 0 calories

6 oz chicken- 120 calories
brown rice-100 calories
salad-100 calories
20 oz of water

after workout:
protein shake: 120 calories..

Plz let me know....what you think of this?

I obviously switch it up and around and blah blah w tuna or chicken breast or such...
5 oz s