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Is EDC a necessary option in pothole ridden Toronto?

I plan on buying an E90 M3 in time for my 40th Birthday in September, my goal is to get a Manual with the M-Drive. PDC and USB connection would also be nice, but not deal breakers.

The only option other than the above listed ones I would consider is the EDC. I know there are a million threads on EDC in this forum and I assure you, I have spent a lot of time reading them.

The thing is many of the people who comment on these threads live in Arizona, Florida, California and other warm weather areas these comments are not relevant to our frost heaved, potholed streets. I would love to hear input from people who live in Southern Ontario, and Quebec and other parts of Canada (and the Northern US) who live in similar climates and have similarly crappy roads. How important or unimportant is EDC?

Also if anyone knows how much weight is added with EDC would also be a bonus.