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Originally Posted by pawarrant
PBS - far left + government funded which basically means if they were a private business they would be out of business for lack of viewers.

Thanks for admitting the truth though about Clinton. One thing I must say is this post illustrates the difference between you and I. I am aware there is people trying to kill me and my family and you are worrying about some stupid stem cell. At this time in history winning the war on terror trumps everything. It seems you are living in some sheltered utopia where you can worry about those things. Personally I don't know what a stem cell is, and don't care what a stem cell is and I think your full of poop if you say you know all about these stem cells. Either that or you have way too much time on your hands. (disclaimer:lol j/k not meant to be offensive)

I agree with you that the war on terror trumps everything. And that's why it makes me very angry that America's borders are wide open. Did you know that along one 5 mile stretch in Arizona alone more that 1,500 illegals enter this country every night?

Why is our President not doing anything about this?
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