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Originally Posted by pawarrant
1. You seem to be defending them pretty good so I consider that staunch support. I don't want to mischaracterize your support so clarify.
I'm happy to clarify, so long as you can keep it civil.

I believe in the principles of both the United Nations and NATO. I've been to the UN building in Geneva and personally found it pretty uplifting.

However, I don't think the UN is effective, because it is overly beaurocratic.

There is also the problem that, to have international credibility it must be inclusive, but then that some of the nations that are included are oppressive regimes - e.g. Zimbabwe. For information you should try to look at the UK's unilateral approach to Zimbabwe and the bitter dislike that they have for our BBC.

Notwithstanding it's limitations and inadequacies, I think the world is better off having a UN than not having one.

That's the sum of my support - I wouldn't call it 'staunch'.

Originally Posted by pawarrant
2. CMD was banished from the site for having what you considered to be offensive posts. I am not saying you had anything to do with his banishment but to continue to cry that people offend you when they are simply opposing your views could lead to our banishment.
I don't think for a moment that CMD was banned because I was offended by his posts and I certainly didn't have anything to do with it. I think he was banned because he reacted badly to a warning from the site admin about his posts and tried to post the PM'd warning he had received from admin. If you have a problem with this - take it up with them - it's NOTHING to do with me.