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Originally Posted by nostrum09
Who are the several groups you refer to? I haven't seen you try to qualify your observations.
Groups include:
Iraqi National Congress
Kurdistan Democratic Party
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
Islamic Movement of Kurdistan
Constitutional Monarchy Movement
and the Iraqi National Accord

Originally Posted by nostrum09
How am I wrong about my opinion of the government? I didn't say that Bush DIDN'T say what he said, I simply said that I am of the opinion that he is two-faced on this issue and is not ready to completely exit an area of potentially great importance (with respect to Iran and such). What are YOUR sources in the government?
You are wrong because it is your opinion. Neither of us make policy for the US, so I will cite the President's policy as my source. Unless you know some inside information, it is irresponsible and frankly libelous to say the President is lying just because it is your opinion that he is. My point of view is not my opinion, instead I was telling you what our stated policy is.

On a side note...what exactly leads you to think the President is a liar? I find it interesting the President (Clinton) that was proven to be a liar most on the left believe everything he says, but for some reason don't believe a word President Bush says.

Originally Posted by nostrum09
Thus, there are some who would, in the complete absence of any disclaimer, believe that what they saw on ABC was 100% the truth.
Those are the people who are constantly making the same arguments as you. If you look at the ratings though, most Americans do not get their news from the traditional "mainstream" nightly news. Since 9-11, most Americans are sick of the anti-American bias in those programs.

Originally Posted by nostrum09
It was probably a wise choice of ABC to air the disclaimer. I watched last night's part, and will watch tonight's. Had they not aired the disclaimer, I would have been less inclined to watch any future ABC programming, but probably would still watch this mini-series.

Are you against the disclaimer?
No, I think it is a good policy. The thing that I am opposed to is the scene where the leader of the Northern Alliance was flying in a helicopter and his hair was not blowing around. I was quite disappointed that they did not precede the scene with a disclaimer which should have read "actors were not flying in actual helicopters".
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