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Originally Posted by pawarrant
All were questions based on your staunch support of the UN, none were personal attacks. It seems your goal is to have people who don't agree with you be banished from the site for being "offensive". In all of the attacks I've put up with every other post I've never once been offended.
Question - what staunch support of the UN are you talking about?

Question - on what basis do you say my goal is to have people who don't agree with me 'banished from the site'

Both statements are complete nonsense.

Your statement about the UN is also nonsense. The UN is NOT responsible for foreign policy in china or zimbabwe. The leaders of those countries are.

You could say a lot about the effectiveness of the UN - since it is pretty ineffective. But as I have said, I would rather have it in the world than not.

I don't much care if you want it out of the USA. For the time being your govt doesn't. Maybe that will change.

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