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Originally Posted by needforspeed
Try reading it again and if you can't see why - get medical help.

Asking people if they support child abuse, because they see some value in the UN is pretty stupid and offensive in my book.

If that is the level of debate why should I waste time explaining my views on the UN? It hardly seems as if you would be interested.

Suffice to say I would rather live in a world with a UN than without it - and I would rather my country be in the UN then out.
Wow, "get medical help"? That's a bit offensive if I do say myself. I don't know you, but you seem to be offended quite easily. Oh well, we're on total opposite sides with regard to how useful the United Nations is anyway. You seem to believe it has some redemable value for this planet, where it I view it as a useless farce. Maybe you Brits should invite them over to your place. Over here across the pond from you most red-blooded American's want the U.N. the hell out of here.

As for me personally, I would have far preferred that one of the planes on September 11, 2001 would have flown into the U.N. building rather than the Twin Towers.

What do you think would have been worse in those two scenarios?
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