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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
Okay...just couldn't wait...went ahead and mounted the new shoes/wheels (yeah I know they're 19" summer tires Asedais).but what the hell. Talked to my service guy at Passport BMW and kinda agreed with him that we haven't seen much precipitation this winter (while I was gone) and that its not below freezing that often WITH precip this season. Added to that was the realization that there's probably only 45 days or so left of the bad stuff before the weather should improve...therefore why mount 18" winter or All Seasons now for just 30-45 days of driving when as he pointed out I'd not drive the M3 in that weather anyway but the X5. So without further wait...presenting the newest mod! LOL

Hope you like and sorry bout the lighting but it was getting dark out and the garage was the only warm place I could find! LOL

Next up...Dinan Spring set, H&R's or Eibach's! LOL A Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear difuser would also be nice too!
I love that reasoning! Congrats on the latest mod.