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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Out of a population of around 27 million, the 600 people they asked in the poll you cited is? What kind of information do you have about those 600 people? For all I know they could have been 600 prisoners just released by allied forces.

Your just wrong about this, what are your sources in our government?

Can you name any recent ant-war or anti-Bush films or documentarys that have had any type of disclaimer? You are a fool if you think the news is the truth. There is no law anywhere saying anything reported in the news has to be true. I personally have been on the local news, as well as national news programs. Sometimes good was said about me, sometimes bad was said about me, but 100% of the time it was inaccurate and never corrected. To get around slander and liable laws the news simply makes up the fact they got the information from a "source", and report the story as "the source said" rather than they said.

Did you know Clinton was the first president to reject federal funding for stem cell research? He is a hate monger too right?
Who are the several groups you refer to? I haven't seen you try to qualify your observations.

How am I wrong about my opinion of the government? I didn't say that Bush DIDN'T say what he said, I simply said that I am of the opinion that he is two-faced on this issue and is not ready to completely exit an area of potentially great importance (with respect to Iran and such). What are YOUR sources in the government?

We've been through this already. Anything which is presented as news can of course be (and most of the time is) biased. The problem here lies with public perception. Michael Moore is well known as a staunch liberal. People are FAR less likely to blindly believe what he says than most anyone else. ABC is a major network, and in the eyes of many, is a network which every night brings them the news. While you and I realize that the news is often misleading/skewed/false, there are doubtless many people who are naive, or who perhaps don't care to put much thought into it. Thus, there are some who would, in the complete absence of any disclaimer, believe that what they saw on ABC was 100% the truth.

It was probably a wise choice of ABC to air the disclaimer. I watched last night's part, and will watch tonight's. Had they not aired the disclaimer, I would have been less inclined to watch any future ABC programming, but probably would still watch this mini-series.

Are you against the disclaimer?
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