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Originally Posted by rcornelius View Post
Just checking to see if any of the Military or Civiliam members in Germany know if any of the AAFES garage stores stock the Castrol 10W 60 oil. I had heard a rumor that AAFES did stock it in Kaiserslatern, but I called several places and they did not have it.
I would interested to find out as well, since we are in the same neck of the woods. Buy in bulk? I did have some fluids sent in from the US, but not in a great quantity.

As an aside, and not a blatant attempt to thread jack, do any of the other European military owners know of any extended warranty or service programs over here? We just COT'ed over here, so I will outlast my warranty on the M3. Our salesman was going to get some information, but we have not gone into production yet. TIA