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Originally Posted by nostrum09
Several groups is not indicative to me of the entire population...
Out of a population of around 27 million, the 600 people they asked in the poll you cited is? What kind of information do you have about those 600 people? For all I know they could have been 600 prisoners just released by allied forces.

Originally Posted by nostrum09
If the Iraqi government seriously came to us and said, "Good job, go home," do you think we would leave? Just pull up and move out? I think that Bush saying that we will leave whenever you [Iraq] are ready is simply him manipulating the public's opinion ("See, we just went in there to help Iraq, and as soon as they're ready, we'll leave." ::trademark Bush smirk:: ). In the other thread ("Approach On The War In Iraq") you indicate your belief that the US wants Iraq as a friendly ally. I don't think the US will ever leave, and if they do, it will be on the US' timetable, not on the Iraqi's.
Your just wrong about this, what are your sources in our government?

Originally Posted by nostrum09
I am not opposed to creative liberties in film-making, so long as those creative liberties are mentioned, especially in a case where people would otherwise believe 100% everything being said... Many people treat the news they see on TV as the last word. It's responsible journalism to make sure that every effort is taken to retain accuracy or inform people of the lack therof.
Can you name any recent ant-war or anti-Bush films or documentarys that have had any type of disclaimer? You are a fool if you think the news is the truth. There is no law anywhere saying anything reported in the news has to be true. I personally have been on the local news, as well as national news programs. Sometimes good was said about me, sometimes bad was said about me, but 100% of the time it was inaccurate and never corrected. To get around slander and liable laws the news simply makes up the fact they got the information from a "source", and report the story as "the source said" rather than they said.

Originally Posted by nostrum09
Bush did succeed in halting federal funds for embryonic stem cell research...
Did you know Clinton was the first president to reject federal funding for stem cell research? He is a hate monger too right?
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