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I did NOT vote for Bush, but you have to look at the situation a little differently than Bandah Ache (spelling?, Tsunami relief)

1) The water receded on it's own for the most part there.
2) Those needing help weren't CAPPING ROUNDS AT THE RESCUERS!!

IF I were there as a rescuer, local or not, I sure wouldn't be very inclined to help any longer once someone capped a round in my direction. Fine, you don't want me here, I'm leaving and going home to my family. I'd have the same response if I were sent to Iraq . . .

I also heard a theory about rescue once looting begins. The first items looted are typically alcohol and guns. So you give them three days to drink it all and get hung over, while shooting each other and everything in sight, THEN it's safe to go in and help.

And yes, I understand its a minority that is being totally stupid, that millions are suffering. But the first thing they always teach in any type of rescue effort I've trained for is "Don't become another victim needing help" So I don't go into water I can't get out of, don't enter a building that is teetering on the brink of falling, and don't go where someone capps a round in my direction.