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Originally Posted by pawarrant
The (try to, haha) shows that you are not really looking to solve any of our country's problems, and it seems you want to see the war in Iraq fail to score political points. This is what I can't stand about the Democrats. Since they are out of power they are happy when something bad happens to our country so they can use it to score political points. I think they want us to lose the war as long as it hurts Bush.

About your so called "faltering economy", I guess you don't know 1.9 million jobs were created in the last year and our unemployment rate is 4.6% one of the lowest if not the lowest in history. I'm sure you are aware this was much higher during the booming economy of the Clinton administration. What exactly have you been told about our economy that gives you any indication it is anything but excellent?
The "try to haha" comment was in reference to Bush, and my lack of confidence in his ability to fix the aforementioned issues. As for solving the nation's problems (as I see them), I do what I can. I vote for people who I feel can make the biggest difference for the nation, and I donate what I can to organizations that support causes I feel are worth championing.

As for scoring points when a political group is out of power, now who's being naive? Any party not in power will do whatever they can, Democrat or Republican (Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment of Clinton, anyone?).

Economy woes? Please see:, I know that these are leftist biased sites, but they do give their sources.
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