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Originally Posted by pawarrant
No nation in the history of the world has been so powerful, and yet used its power to do more good for the world. Every nation we have defeated in war, we built up to their betterment and left them to govern themselves instead of taking their land and riches. You are just plain wrong, or lying when you made that statement. It is hard to respond to a statement that is that irrational.
You make such grand claims and offer sources from sites so far to the right it's pathetic. I guess any other source will be considered part of the "liberal media" to you. You should really brush up on your history. If you defended some Republican strong points on the war and a few other issues you would'nt come off as bad. But defending every Republican agenda, is making you look like an ass. You don't need to be a liberal to see it either.

After the Spanish American War the U.S. took possesion of the Phillipines, which in itself spark the Philippine-American War. Thousands of Philpinos died fighting for their indpendence. After Spain's defeat the Philppines was suppose to be given back to Philippinos. But instead the U.S. sent over a 100,000 troops to crush the rebellion. So much for going to war with Spain with the bullshit excuse of freeing these people from Spain's tryannical rule.

More U.S. soldiers died fighting there then from fighting the Spanish! And hundreds of thousands of Philppino's would die from famine and disease. All for what, to set up naval bases farther into the pacific. The Spanish-American war itself, I can go as far to say was fabricated. The battle ship Maine, which was the rallying point for the U.S. to go to war was sunk by the U.S. government. Spain has for a long time believed this to be the case, and to this day, they still do. The Maine was not sunk by a Spanish mine, it was self "lnflicted damage" that caused it to go down, this is a fact. Just imagine, if the inquiries sent to investigate, were legit in the first place, and studied the damage of the ship they would've discovered that it was at the very least an accident. The whole war would've been avoided. But, of course this was not the governments intent, not at all.

All governments have done this in the past, not just the U.S. They look for pretexts to go to war, or push an agenda. Just like your Bushy did in Iraq, I don't know if it takes history buffs to see how obvious it was. I know a lot more people are opening there eyes and questioning this adminstrations motives on almost every issue. There are other issues with pretextes written all over them, The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Sinking of the Lusitania(which was in fact carry munitions to Britain). I don't claim a political party, I do claim I know my history very well, well enough to call any adminstrations agendas bs.
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