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Originally Posted by darkcloud
Vince Young had ONE good year. That doesn't make him a god. And if you really new what you were talking about you'd know the only reason texas won last year is because of the referees. Everyone that cared about that game knew that. Smith was coming off a suspension as well as we started Zuck(Zwick), but that's last year. This is now. Texas has showed they can win one year so far, and beat inferior competition like USC. OSU has been in the top 10 the past several seasons. This will be another one of those years.

You guys were actually excited about beating on a shitty team last week. That just filled your frosh QB with more hot air. But I will tell you this. We will for sure win on saturday. You cannot keep up with our offense. Ginn, Pittman, and Smith will be all over you! Picture the pictures above but with longhorn jerseys on.
sorry "dude" but Vince Young was probably the most dominant college football play ever. He single handedly won the championship for his team last year. Notice I said footbally player not quarterback.