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Originally Posted by knifegun View Post
I don't get this thread at ALL. When the LSB E46 came out, everybody was joking that it was papa smurf's car. I hated the color. Not sure why it is all of a sudden in style. I guess it is more about scarcity than color. Don't know. Maybe I do not have an eye for color but I don't think like it.

To each his own I guess. If I was going to go for something radical, I would have gotten Phoenix Yellow or something else in the red/orange category.
You don't have an eye for color and it's hardly sudden, LSB has been really popular for at least 3 or 4 years.

Originally Posted by H2
I thought I'd share some of my experiences since getting the car. Even though I've only had it since late November, I've had at least three rather strange incidents. On another forum, some joker/loser started a thread (two days after I picked up the car) claiming he owned my car and started answering questions people asked him. On another thread, someone claimed his boss owned my car and that he had sat in it.
Everyone on the Internet is a liar, I'm starting to think. I bet half the cars on this forum (and any other forum) aren't owned by the people who claim them. It's pathetic.