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Originally Posted by ISAR View Post
So how did your M3 perform on such a long drive? And, was it is a comfortable ride?
I ask because I am preparing for a road trip in March from Michigan to south Georgia.
My drive will take approximately 16 hours. Did you track your mileage for the highway?
Honestly u ll be surprised how confy that car is when it comes to long drives On the way to Miami it took me 18 hours and on the way back 16..and I don't remember myself or any of the people with me saying "ouch my back!!ouch my ass!!" or anything like that.
Gaswise its no big deal at fill the tank u'll pay around 33$ I would say (almost everytime) but u never know, one time I filled it for 25ish$, I had to take a pic of that lol..And ull have to fill it aproxymately 4 times.

Here are a few advises I learned from that trip:
1/ make sure you get enough sleep before you bounce

2/ Before you leave decide if its better for you to drive at night or during the day, here are the pros and pros: DAY: visibility, sun light, safer...cons: depending on how luky u are, u might hit a lot of traffic ( which happened to me on my way to Miami.
NIGHT no traffic, i didnt see a single cop car, but its dark and u have to be careful with the animals on the side


4/use the M button all the way, it barely makes a difdference in gas milage, and its much better because of the stiffer handling.

5/ VERY important and u probably know it already, use the cruise control,it makes it so much easier(with your foot always on the brake of course, u never know)

Now i dont know what type of driver u are, but here is another adcise I learned from the trip, don't try to fight the GPS arrival time too much, he's usually the winner. Sometimes it makes u think that by speeding a bit over the limit, you start gaining time, but i promise you ll end up wasting it somwhere else, and u feel kind of dumb when u get home and u feel that u took all these risks for nothing. I sticked at a truk's ass ho was speeding like crazy, it was so hard to keep up, because there was a lot of fog, but aparently thats a trick i didnt know, the guy was speeding a lot as soon as the fog was back, so i was doing like 100, 110 for a long time, and I reduced the arrivel time from 1pm to 8am, and guess when I arrived 1pm. (anyway by doing so, makes u a lot more focused which makes u tired quicker)

Hope this is useful, I usually don't write long ass messages, but when it comes to cars road trips, safety etc... its a different story

Drive safe, and let me know