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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
How many reps/sets should i do to have a toned body but still be kinda big too. I'm 6'3" ~200 pounds. I usually do 3 sets 8 - 12 reps. Even though i've toned up a lot i wanna get bigger now, but not like those huge mofos at the gym lol.
The rule of thumb is:

To lose, you do high reps (12+) and reduce calorie and carb intake significantly.

To tone, you do high reps (8+) and reduce calorie and carb intake gradually.

To gain, you do low reps (3-6) and increase calorie and carb intake significantly.

You won't find out over night what exactly is the most ideal amount of calorie/carb/protein intake at any given interval. You eventually learn it. For example, some people can consume 300g of carbs and protein and build fast. Some take that much and hardly grow anything - except they end up going to the washroom a lot.

Test it out gradually to find out what works for you.