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Originally Posted by knext21 View Post
Actually they aren't. Its just that the tips are even so the outer tips seem to stick out a bit more because of the shape of the bumper but it doesn't. All you need to do is extend the inner tips.

Anyways camaross305, I feel the same way as you lol. I love the sounds of the mufflers but I want it a bit louder. I'm gonna try w/o the resonators to see how that sounds.
G/L with the sale!
Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
+1 on this... the tips are aligned correctly. from certain angles it may look odd. but its because the tips are even and not staggered. i have it set up the same way on my car.
Thanks for the Clarification guys.... Yea i though about deleting the resonators but i heard it gets real raspy. Might give it a try thoguh. Or just delete the cats. We will see.

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Good luck on the sale and post up vids of your new setup.
Thanks man..... w/e i end up doing ill be sure to post vids