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Originally Posted by rmashman View Post
I recently decided to purchase access to for a day so I could check on various procedures.

From my owners manual, its says that the oil in the engine, transmission and differential are changed at the post break in-1200 mile service. It didn't mention the oil filter so I don't know if that is changed or not.

After looking at various procedure and data pages I was able to come up the the capacities and types of lubricants that are required for the 1200 service. It might be wise to confirm that your dealership is using the correct lubricant for each of the three applications. Sometimes shops use only one grear lubricant for all applications. But a specific and different oil is necessary for the transmission and differential.

Main Lubricants for E92/S65 M3

w/filter 8.8 liters,9.3 quarts
no filter 8.4 liters,8.9 quarts

BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil Castrol RS SAE 10-60, also called
Castrol TWS Motorsport SAE 10-60
p/n 07 51 0 009 420 (quart)

oil filter p/n 11 42 7 837 977

Transmission - 2.1 liters, 2.2 quarts

Castrol MTF-LT-2
p/n 83 22 0309 031

Differential - 1.1 liters, 1.2 quarts

SAF-XJ Synthetic Final Drive oil for Limited Slip Differential
p/n 83 22 1 470 080 (55 gal drum)

Thanks for the post, good info. I have a question; for sure is the Castrol Edge RS 10W 60 the same as the Castrol TWS Motorsport 10W 60?? I know that the numbers are the same.