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You said:"I don't recall the Iraqis asking for our help"

Incorrect. There were several groups that we have been providing aid and support to prior to the war who were begging us to overthrow Saddam.

You said:" President Bush has consistently mentioned that we have liberated Iraq and have brought democracy to Iraq, and that the US will not withdraw its troops until such a time that the US determines Iraq has a stable democracy."

Incorrect. President Bush recognizes the new government of Iraq who can ask us to leave at anytime. It turns out the sovereign Iraqi government wants us to stay for now to aid in their security.

You said:"With respect to WWI and WWII, the US was but one member of nations who helped to rebuild those nations left defeated. In the Iraq war, the US is the largest player by far in the "rebuilding process."

I think we were the largest player in the rebuilding process of West Germany, and Japan during WWII. Those governments are flourishing, and we are not in control of them.

You said:"it is necessary for ABC to either remove/edit the parts which take creative liberties, or they should disclaim that those creative liberties have been taken,..."

You are opposed to creative liberties in film making. OK, what docudramas or films have been made with inaccurate information regarding President Bush, PM Blair, or the war in Iraq that you believe should be shown with a disclaimer or edited. The scenes in this mini-series that are being disputed by certain political members of the Democrat party have been confirmed to be true by other non political sources. In America we have a right to broadcast any side of that we want without government censorship. It seems you believe in censorship, only when the truth hurts your political goals.

You said:"Bush has set a clear agenda against gays, women's right..."

Can you name one case or one Constitutional right that has been taken away from any of those said groups since Bush took office?

You said:"Christian-right beliefs would also bring back school prayer (what about all of the non-Christians? Would they be represented?)"

I don't believe there is anyone who is proposing to force prayer on anyone. Just as the Pledge of Allegiance, anyone who does not want to participate can choose not to do so. No one is forced to do anything in this country.
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