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Originally Posted by nordique14 View Post
[rant]I friggin hate it when the Sharks play a team like the Pens, Wings, Flyers, Hawks, Rangers,etc. The Sharks tank has way too many d-bags wearing opponent's jerseys. If you just flew in to watch the game or just moved to the area, I will give you a pass...feel free to cheer for your team. But if you call a city your home then you gd better cheer for the home team. If you liked your Wings or Flyers so much then you never should have moved away from Detroit or Philly.[/rant]
Oh I know! Due to work related issues I missed lasts nights and tonights game. I always make it out to Red Wing games and most of Pittsburgh. But, it seems that everytime the Red Wings come half the DAM fans are wearing RED WING jersey's. It's not like their the f#cking New York Yankees./end rant
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saw you comment and i'd lay on my bed and cry, then i put some Yulio Iglesias music, no more problem.