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Looking for support at my new forum :)

Hey guys,

Well I decided to start my own forum (big step for me and something I've always wanted to do) and I could really use your help!!!!

I would like your advice as to what YOU the "user" would like to see or what you think would be a nice forum topic to have on the site. bare with me as this is my first attempt at a forum or website at that matter and could use all the constructive critics to put their comments in this thread.

I am in no way trying to steal people away from

Thanks again guys for your help!!!

The website is a bipartisan or tripartisan....or NO partisan NEW voice of America. I am looking to kick it off officially on October 1 2006.

Please dont be afraid to be harsh I think I can take it

Feel free to join the site! I will be sending out a mass-email letting everyone know when it is going to kick off, but you are welcome to post your opinions or start your own topics.. a site is only as good as the people and their post!

Thanks again guys I look forward to your help and support :cheers: :flag: