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Originally Posted by rcracer_tx View Post
When i first remember southlake 1709 was a horrible pothole infested 2 lane road that nobody traveled on and the closest grocery store was in grapevine. It is truly amazing to see how the more upscale a place gets the lower class of people move in. (I'm not meaning financial class)
Yeah, Ive heard from many lifelong residents that its gone from nothing to booming in a very short time. I've only been here about a year and a half, so I didnt get to see the change first hand. I'm met a lot of nice kids here though. Just because someone is cocky doesn't necessarily make them a bad person.

Originally Posted by rcracer_tx View Post
It's a stereotype for a reason...Because it's true. You might not see it as it sounds like your home was in a similar community. (I don't know as I've never been to new england, But from your description it sounds like it) Go to a more rural town in Texas and you will see how much friendlier the people are than places like Southlake, Highland Park etc.
It was worse up me, hah. I've been to some rural Texas towns. To be honest, I cant stand that "friendly southern feel." It's too far removed from what I'm used to. I can understand your frustration though...your small town was essentially taken over for better or for worse.
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