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Originally Posted by Bahraini135 View Post
The supercharger is pretty much reliable and good for daily driven. My car was NA and it dynoed 245~250whp and when I added the kit it reached 368whp with stage 2. Upgraded to stage 3 and got 395whp (without the water/meth which I run now)

A complete kit would cost you $5000 from Vortech. I added an oil-cooler coz I do a lot of circuit racing. I highly recommend it for anyone planning on keeping the internals stock:wink:

And QJS, I accept the offer on the condition of declaring the mods
Thanks for that mate. Do you have any idea of what 0-60mile / 0-100km times you get? Also what does it run over the quarter mile?

Do you think it would be quicker than a stock 135i?