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G35 review from C&D

C&D G35 6MT review.

0-60: 5.2s
1/4 mile: 13.9s at 103 mph

The Highs

"it hunkered down and dashed to 60 mph in 5.2s, covering the 1/4 mile at 13.9s at 103 mph. ... More impressive still, our G35 tester went to the track with fewer than 250 miles on the odo. That's like putting an Olympic sprinter in the starting blocks in his street clothes. What'll it do with a proper break-in? We look forward to finding out."

"The power feeds through a six-speed manual that's the personification of precise engagement--it makes the 3 series manual seem rubbery..."

"This honey can dance as fast as you can pedal, without a misstep and without punishing its partner in the ride department. ... It's a setup that delivers Bimmer-esque compliance, and if the 3-series still holds an edge in this area, the distinctions have become paper thin."

"Upgraded materials, a superb new Bose audio option, an attractive and highly legible new instrument package, nicely placed switches with an exceptionally positive operational feel, and a sporty steering wheel with hand-stitched leather all lend an upscale feel that wasn't really part of the first-generation G35."

The Lows

The grip of 0.87 g is "not impressive by the standards of this class."

"The brake pedal felt a little long and a tad squishy"

"We're not unanimously seduced by the aluminum interior trim--to some, at least, the optional straight-grain rosewood veneer might be preferable--and the front buckets aren't quite in the BMW league in lateral support."


Robin Warner: "... this new car is stunning. ... BMW's superbly balanced 3-series is still the benchmark dynamically, but the new G35 is much nicer to look at."

Mike Dushane: "The interior is still comprised of too many ill-fitting plastic pieces. On the highway, there's a lot of noise, and small pavement imprefections unsettle the ride."

Mark Gillies: "The G35 also brings up another comparison, to wit: Why on earth would one buy a Lexus IS350? The Lexus isn't appreciably quicker, doesn't look as good, and is a fairly anodyne driving experience, whereas the G35 is a very soulful machine. The IS has a more beautifully wrought interior than the G35's (much improved) cabin, but that's about its only advantage."