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I am trying to upload pics of my recently picked AW 135 i with my coworker's black 128i but can't. After choosing the pics, I click on upload but it just seems to get stuck at uploading files. Nothing happens even after 5 minutes of waiting. The pics are under the maximum size and I am using a Mac. Would appreciate your help.
The only time that has happened to me, I forgot to reduce the picture to 1024 x 768 pixels. Try reducing the picture size from whatever they are now to approximately 1024 x 768. There are many software packages that will do this - most are free with your digital camera.

Click on the attachment icon (paper clip) to open the MANAGE ATTACHMENT window , browse to the file in the "Upload a file from your computer" area , then click UPLOAD. It will then be listed under "Current Attachments". Click on "Close this Window" when finished.
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