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Originally Posted by PUREPHAZED View Post
ok... from someone that has lived Canada, USA and Europe. Who is very liberal but also believes in respect as a value and not religion.

I really would like to see Obama win.

I really do not care about how many years he has here and there. He is more level headed then anyone running. I prefer someone who will talk then pick up the red blinking phone to the pentagon. (Hopefully he will even take spending away from the military). Think about how many children could have such a wonderful educational future and that makes the US a much stronger working force.

Education, economy, and universal healthcare are very important things for the country. I hope that the US can learn from other countries that some social systems do work and can be mixed in american style laws and governing.

Even though I own a 135i I also believe that the countries infrastructure should overhauled for a more environmental future and I would be willing to pay another dollar a gallon at the tank.

Anyways I seemed to run off topic. For me its about the future of my newborn son not what is today. I hate war, I dislike guns but I enjoy money and a good life.


Yeah, what country are you from? France, where a socialist system has fail. The military is what makes this country strong, how can you even think of taking military funding away. You way of thinking is what Karl Marx wrote about. This country is a republic not a socialist state.

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