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Originally Posted by kja325ci View Post
Sorry, Scott. Did not mean to insult you. Her daughter was the daughter of a Governor. That is kind of a spotlight position. Postion of power. I feel for her also and I'm sure she will be given the best care possible. Obama has even told the press to call off the dogs. Lets see if it works.
thank god. If any politician would go after another over their daughter I would puke.

That does not stop MSNBC (the democratic fox news) from having a field day. I hope this little girl comes out of this alright. I mean the stress can affect the pregnancy, and what if the daughter hates the child for the burden. There are just so many wrong things that could happen. I am not even super religious, and I am praying for this girl to just be sheltered for a while.

Anyway, sorry for thread jacking. I just got a little carried away in the course of 2 hours with this story.