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If this is the worst she's got then I don't waiver a bit on my vote. I was having protected sex at 17 and my parents believe abstenance is the way. You can be the best of parents, but kids make decisions on there own and she did choose life which is a difficult choice at her age.

Quick personal story, ignore if you like. My Grandmother was a staunch catholic and was pro-abstenance and pro-life. However, when her only daughter was preggo out of wed-lock she pressured her daughter to abort it. The daughter (my aunt) decided to have it and he is now one of the most intelligent people I know doing great things. Why is this relevent? Because you don't know your position until the chips are really down and Palin taught her daughter to be pro-life even when it is the toughest choice. You would have never known anything about this if she had pressured her daughter to have an abortion because those records are sealed. So to me Palin seems to have done the right thing thusfar, by standing by her beliefs.

It does suck that the daughter is going to be in the media a lot.
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