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Originally Posted by kja325ci View Post
Geeez, your waaaay off base with those comments. What are you talking about? Palin is being selfish now because her daughter is pregnant and she accepted the nomination for VP? If her mother gets elected VP it will be like winning the lottery. Come on think it through.
stop it. perhaps i should not have posted my comment on the internet because it is an emotional reaction to the news, but i know what i feel.

i just feel for the daughter. she is being thrown to the media wolves against her will because her mom wants to go for a seat of power. a teen is pregnant on a national stage. this girls life is going to be under a microscope and she has a baby. take the republican/democrat out of it for a second. that sux.

not every kid wants to be the daughter of the VP, especially when they have a teen pregnancy.

and could you chill with the "off base". that would insinuate that im wrong. I have never heard of a wrong emotional reaction. I'll keep my mouth shut because this is an independent talking to republicans, im never going to break through. I feel for the daughter, is all, over the next couple months