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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
No, not at all, but it is a partial result of her parenting that her 17 y.o. daughter is pregnant. Abstinence, though nice in thought, is not reality today. Kids have sex. Being responsible in teaching your kids how not to be pregnant is must these days.

Heck, I have two teenage daughters, who are extremely responsible, good people, but we make sure they know of their options.

I think it's somewhat of an embarrassment to the McCain campaign though, and is definitely costing votes.

One thing comes to mind though. People keep talking about "what if she became POTUS?". That leads me to immediately think, what will happen to the make-up of the Supreme Court, and what will happen to Roe vs. Wade?

An embarrassment is shooting your hunting buddy in the face, or meeting Monica in the oval office for a private get together, or going into the airport bathroom and spreading out a bit. I could go on and on. The difference is this is about a child who is not running for office. And I don't think the Palin's family life is costing McCain votes. No one did not vote for Carter because Billy was crazy.