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Originally Posted by ARES45 View Post
I for one am excited to have someone with a 'real' life in the whitehouse. Career politians usually have spent more of their recent years begging for money as opposed to working for it.

This gives the republicans two candidates who have commanded troops which is important to me.

Palin is closer to the average American than any candidate and has real life problems and experiences, and the fact she doesn't owe favors to any Washington lobbyists is really a bonus for me.
that's actually quite an interesting perspective. I never thought about it like that. I am going to admit, i kinda get that "gag ticket" vibe about her, but it has some weight to see amilitary guy pro-palin.

You're comment sparked me to research Biden's favors due (he has been in Congress forever, I figured he had to know somebody). He is there poorest Senator in Congress! If he owes somebody something, he sure got ripped off!:eyebulge:

It is kinda cool that you guys are discussing this btw:headbang:

I think I'm sick of hearing Anchors say things. I want to know what America really has to say. I thought this thing was going to be an OBAMA walk! I guess being from Democratic Jersey, the local media has just slanted the image