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Originally Posted by edge350 View Post
Thanks, dude.
New tag, huh? You still have the best avatars. :smile:

There's rarely any compromise or concession on the 1Addicts political threads. That's what real debate requires - a certain amount of fairness to concede when your opponent is right. Everyone is skewed so far to either side that this always ends up degenerating. But occasionally, it IS entertaining...

I agree. I'm not afraid to admit when I believe I've made a mistake or see that I'm wrong. Just b/c I'm voting Obama dosent mean I dont agree with Republicans on some issues. I look forward to the U.S. giving the Democrats another shot. If they mess up, their future opponent should mop the floor with them. IMHO, BUSH has messed up. His party will and should be held accountable. I would have more respect for McCain if he called Bush out on numerous occasions. Instead he aligns himself with him. Sadly I know its the nature of these things. I've got a lot of friends in the UK that blamed Bush for the demise of Tony Blair.
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