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Originally Posted by bigslick82 View Post
B, Doesn't matter about foreign policy experience when you got McCain at the head of the ticket. She'll learn under fire and gives this ticket something it never had - sex appeal. My god for a 44 year old with 5 kids...

You know I got to say at first I was baffled but this choice, but after I stopped googling her pictures, I got bored and read her bio. Some really impressive stuff in there, and if you like Obama, you still have to admit she's a self-made woman who despite strong conservative stances, has a history of working very well with both parties. True Biden has more experience than she does, but she's got executive on the job experience as jkp pointed out. After her speech today, she might have stolen some of the thunder of Obama's great speech.

It also is a win-win for Republicans. If McCain gets in, she's the heir. If not, she goes back to Alaska, runs the heck out of the state, comes back the favorite for 2012. Her and Bobby Jindal on a ticket would be just as big as Obama w/ Biden. Maybe I'm blinded by the hot-mom thing, but wow. McCain did his homework!

Well said.

Palin has more relevant executive experience as Gov. and Commander in Chief of the Alaska Nat. Guard than Nobambi or Plugs Biden.

Don't forget, McCain was the commander of an entire Navy Flight Group after his release from the Hanoi Hilton.

Again, executive, life and death relevant experience.