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Originally Posted by BForbes View Post
The Republicans are spinning this just like everyone say they would. Barack has 8years in Congress and 3years in the House. I think he trounces her in experience.

This statement leaves no doubt that you are not qualified to speak on this subject.

Nobambi was not in the congress for 8 years and never was in the House.

He had a few years in the corrupt IL senate and cowardly voted "present" about 130 times and less than four years in the U.S. Senate with only 143 days of actually in the Senate and the rest of the time trying to fool the American people that he is qualfied to be POTUS.

His only real experience is being a "community ramble rouser" and 20 years in a racist, America hating so called church.

Oh yeah, Nobambi is as much qualified to be POTUS as you are talking about it.

Which is zilch, nada, zippo, nothing.