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Very well put!

Originally Posted by DaleM View Post
I think you sort of got it right. Whoever said "Mitt is it" was wrongo, and I am happy.

1. A conservative woman to shore up conservative women and men who were not happy. My first thought was he should select a woman from a big state. I thought he (Mc Daddy) should have selected a woman with liberal leanings to attract the Hillary man-hating femenists in a big state. By not doing this he made a move that is absolutely brilliant to the point I almost cannot even explain. While solidifying the Republican base (trust me the party needed this) with this selection they are likely to pick up women who were leaning towards Sen McCain based on Sen Obama's perceived disrespect towards the Clintons. There are some Hillary women who will vote where the girls are, right now it is with the Republicans.
2. Announcement in Ohio and their first campaigning together in Ohio is another stroke of intelligent forethought and political savvy.
3. Her husband is a union guy and she was a union gal, that will resonate a little but that is all that is needed in recent elections.
4. If her inexperience to be a VP is pounded by the Dems the counter by the Repubs is to only look over at the Dem's Presidential nominee. Oh BTW, President Clinton talked of how unnecessary it was for him as a Governor to need vast experience to be a President. The argument falls flat for those who are not absent minded..
5. Sympathy votes from all sides, especially women with disabled children.
6. The religious folks just got their prayers answered and a reason to come out and vote for Sen McCain. This was a real problem for Sen McCain and he resolved it without having to bend over to Romney and the hyper-religious extreme. The pro-life problem nearly solved.
7. She is hot! Sex sells and good looks makes sex sell at a premium.
8. She is the first Republican in a long time to make me excited, no not in the groin excited rather as a disenchanted party member needing excitement. If other drifting Republicans see this VP selection the way I do this race may run away from the Dems.
9. She has NRA appeal, that affects both parties, Dems own guns too.
10. Her working class experience is the best and most real I have seen in a while. 95% of America fits this shoe, fence sitters have a reason to jump off.
11. Alaska's resources and her ACVTIVE efforts to find other natural resources to wean us from foreign dependency gives her credibilty where it counts for most of us, in our wallets.
12. Hunters are true environmentalists, she hunts.
13. her son going to Iraq on Sep 11. Recall that date? I suspect it will garner politcal impetus. Understand this is not an avalanche but rather snowing in the Dems one snowflake at a time.

Guys I figured a woman would help Sen McCain but this brings a lot to the table for the Republicans. We must remember that Margret Thatcher did not have a lot of experience and history has already reserved a grand monument to her. Her strength was her decision making.
The debates will be super interesting for me.
LOL, look how opposite each side is in the competitive parties. It is almost commical.