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Originally Posted by roldan View Post
I think a lot of that is a bid to pick up Hillary supporters, who are almost certainly too smart to vote Republican just to see a woman in the VP position - I'm interested to hear what she has to say about Palin.

After watching Obama's phenomenal speech last night, I can't believe that McCain could even come close to building that level of enthusiasm. I think Obama did a great job of pushing back on a lot of the accusations leveled against him and made a lot of good criticisms without seeming petty. A friend of mine was interning on the speechwriting team and was on the field there - I called him up and he said the energy was amazing as he shouted over the fireworks.

Steelerbimmer, I can't tell if you're serious or trolling. You're either doing a great satire Steven Colbert-style, or, well, I'm not really sure.:iono:

Serious as a heart attack my friend.

If that Leftist appeaser Nobambi ever gets control of our military as POTUS our eneimies both foreign and domestic will be dancing in the streets.

I do not mean good honest dems nor even liberal minded Americans but the truly hard leftists that Nobambi has associated, studied, befriended and worked with over the years.

All anyone needs to know is whom do our enemies abroad like Hamas, Iran, Cuba, Hezzbolah, and Chavez the pineapple head said they want to win in 2008.

Hint: It's not McCain.