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Originally Posted by edge350 View Post
To clarify, since you guys clearly didn't read the link:

1. We are not gathering intelligence in Iran. We have special ops on the ground extracting and/or killing enemy combatants. This is NOT intelligence gathering. This is low grade warfare on Iranian soil. To me, this is news and worthy of discussion.
2. The is being conducted with full knowledge of the congressional DEMOCRATIC leadership. I'm not simply throwing stones at the president.

Read the original post, consider the link, THEN post.

And Iran along with their messenger boys, Hamas and Hezzbollah have been doing what to our troops in Iraq?

Who do you think was ultimately responsible and behind the scene for the 241 U.S. Marines murdered in Lebanon in the 1980's hint: the same ones responsible for the taking of U.S. hostages in Iran in 1979.

If we do end up dropping bombs on Iran's nuclear facilities, then it would be well deserved and way overdue.

Sometimes the cost of doing nothing can be much more expensive later than doing something now.