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We suck. Too much one on one basketball. We have bad team chemistry. We just dont shoot the ball as well as these other countries. Their big men can shoot, our big men are trained to post ppl up and get inside. Something seems to be fundamentally wrong with the way americans play basketball now. Most of the points we get are from lay ups and dunks. Kids grow up these days in america trying to learn how to dunk a basketball more than they want to learn how to shoot the 3 pointer well... thats the main problem with us. ANd we tend to glorify one on one basketball when that is whats wrong with us. Nba plays too much one on one basketball. And we make it such a big deal when we see kobe scoring 81 points in a game. In fact thats the problem, basketball is a team game, there really shouldn't ever be one player scoring 81 points in a game, that just shows how much lack of ball movement there was. We shouldn't come to be proud of things like this. We need to play smarter basketball and be more fundamentally sound. WE just simply suck right now, what can i say. And when you watched the game, theres really no excuses America could of made, they just simply got beat.