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One more observation and then I'll leave it alone. I remember back in the 60's going to the beach in Galveston and Gulfport on several road trips. It was really shitty down there back then. Lots of oily globs washing up and regular spills. Now I live near the gulf coast and it's never been cleaner. They are still drilling in the Gulf. I believe processes and quality has gotten a lot better since the bad experiences of the 60's. But it's totally understandable why people in CA and FLA don't want their beaches trashed. that's a big part of the economy, clean beaches. It's a tough deal. But we all gotta eat, as they say.
1. If that hippie generation wasn't doing so many drugs in the 60s they would have been coherent to not be sloppy with the environment. Oil is not the enemy. We have more oil resources in all its different forms in North America than we could use in 200 years. And thats the oil we know about.

2. The American Petroleum Extortion Cartel (APEC), aka Congress, won't even allow for the mapping of oil fields with modern technology. We have only 2-D imaging from the 70s. That is roughly the equivalent of using X-Ray for imaging and completely disregarding CAT scans or MRIs in the medical field. SO.... In addition to the 200+ years of oil resources we know about -- oil shale (Colorado, Utah), Bakken oil field (North Dakota, Montana), oil sands (Alberta), Alaskan deposits, Gulf Coast -- there is probably years more in areas that APEC has blocked simply the search for with modern tools. Those discoveries which will provide petroleum resources for an additional 50-100, bringing our total to possibly 300 years.

3. The idea that carbon dioxide from the use of petroleum causes global warming is the biggest hoax ever played, and our enthusiastic love of the automobile is paying the price. Let's get this straight, in an ideal environmentalist world with no additional CO2 in the atmosphere the suns rays travel to the earth, enter the atmosphere, bounce off the surface of the earth and heating the planet, but escaping back into space, thus keeping the planet is just the right temperature. But these little, and highly intelligent might I add, CO2 molecules have thrown in the atmosphere by evil man. While there the highly advanced, dastardly CO2 molecules let in the sunlight to heat the earth, but prevent the sunlight and all its heat from escaping back into space to balance it out. I find it truly amazing that they can tell the difference between an incoming ray of sunlight from an outgoing ray of sunlight. They must be engineered CO2 molecules created by Cheney while at Haliburton.

I don't mean to make such a mockery of this, but it is hysterical to claim that it is man's burning of fossil fuels that is cooking the earth. If that were the case, the enormous use of piston engines in planes and tanks in WWII and subsequent economic expansion of the 50s would have sent temperatures skyrocketing, when in fact the feared global cooling in the mid-70s, because the 1940-70 temperature trends were falling like the October 1929 stock market. Any increase or decrease in temperature is part of the natural cycle and not man made. In fact, volcanoes put more CO2 in the atmosphere in 1 year than all of the burning of fossil fuels have in all of man's history combined. Simply put, the socialists/communists used classism to implement their ideology during the 20th century. History has shown that lack of freedom and laziness are the only obstacles to success. Now the new generation of socialists/communists are using environmentalism instead of classism to push their totalitarian ideology. The keeping of cheap energy available to our economy is one of the greatest impediments to economically liberating millions of people around the world as our planet becomes even more economically integrated. Only by using the environment can the neo-commies and neo-socialists ever hope to take control. OK, I will get off my soapbox now.