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Talking about covert ops, we got three of our guys back from FARC today that had been captured 5 years ago. That's good news!

But the thing that is really cracking me up is CNN keeps playing over and over a piece of film from the hostages coming off of a plane. It shows Betancourt in the foreground, with folks coming down the steps in the background. Right in the middle there is a guy facing away from the camera who is directing everyone. At the end of the clip he turns and walks towards the camera where you can very clearly see his face. The funny thing, is that HE is really who the CNN camera guy is trying to film at that point -- not Betancourt, and not the guys coming down the steps from the plane.

There is a big reason for that.

I'm not gonna give away everything I know, but let's just say that it wasn't just an accident that the Columbian forces got both Betancourt and our 3 guys from FARC, out of the 700+ hostages that FARC holds. And it wasn't crafty Columbian forces who came up with the masterful plan that got them out without a single shot being fired.

That 52 year old man barking orders in CNN's video proves that to me without a single shred of doubt. :wink: