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As long as the covert actions stay covert, and don't lead us into open conflict with Iran, I don't have a problem with them. That means centering on intel gathering, and keeping away from any significant acts of violence that could start a war.

US covert activities are going on in so many countries it isn't even funny. Middle East, Asia, Central Am, Lat. Am, Africa, you name it. But the covert ops aren't allowed to get to a level of open warfare. The problem is that I don't trust the current administration NOT to start open war with Iran.

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As for Iranian nukes, Iran's only production level enrichment facility in Natanz is the most heavily inspected and observed nuclear facility in the world. It has been confirmed, and continually is confirmed to be producing only 3.5% enriched uranium. 3.5% enriched uranium is useless for weapons, and is only suitable for civilian power generation.

Iran does not have the 90%+ enriched weapons grade uranium that would be needed to build nuclear weapons. No weapons grade uranium means no nuke weapons for Iran. There just isn't any Islamic prayer that can get around that basic rule of physics.

As long as the US and Israel doesn't stir up a war that would give Iran an excuse to withdraw from the NPT (nuclear non-proliferation treaty) and kick out the inspectors, Iran will continue to produce just 3.5% enriched uranium under heavy observation. And Iran will continue to have nothing with which to build any nukes.


That big-mouthed Ahmadinejad who has been threatening Israel, will be voted out of office next spring anyways. Iran has moved up elections by 2 years just to get rid of him and his big mouth. He's fallen out of favor with the Supreme Leader, and his hand-picked replacement will be elected instead. Unless of course Israel or the US make him into a war-time president by attacking Iran. Not even the Mullahs could manipulate the Iranian elections enough to keep a standing war-time president from being re-elected. An attack by Israel or the US will just help Ahmadinejad in the next elections.

Currently the best course of action to keep Iran from building nukes, and to get rid of Ahmadinejad is to avoid open warfare with Iran, and rely instead on covert acts and global negotiations to restrain Iran from changing the status quo.