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Originally Posted by ARES45 View Post
I think this is an example of good leadership from a Commander.

Iran is aiding the enemy in Iraq with weapons and warriors, so we send our Special Ops people in to disrupt their aid. These are the games we play. He could do nothing, or he could send regular traditional forces in, but he asked for "a major escalation of covert operations against Iran." This keeps us out of open war with Iran and is better than nothing.

I don't understand how this is shocking to anyone. What did you think happened after the media reported that Iran was supplying insurgents with weapons and training. This is why you pay your taxes, so we can train some bad-ass special ops person to win wars before they ever start.

This escalation in covert ops is one of the reasons the war is going better than a year ago, so be thankful for those who will never tell you what they do as opposed to us cocky pilots who won't shut up about it.
Nicely said good sir.